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Новости спорта

Option 1 Loaded Chamber :
Tube-fed max 14 rounds loaded in total.
Box-fed 11 rounds loaded in total (10+1)
Closed bolt is normal.

Option 2 Empty Chamber :
Tube-fed 14 rounds max.
Box-fed 10 rounds max.
Closed bolt by default unless written stage briefing changes it.

Option 3 Unloaded :
Tube-fed 0 rounds.
Box-fed 0 rounds.
The bolt may be open or closed as the competitor's choice unless the written stage briefing nominates one or the other as compulsory.

SG Appendix D
Point 18. Detachable magazines accessible to a competitor during a COF must not contain more than 10 rounds at the Start Signal. However, detachable magazines with a capacity of up to 12 rounds are permitted.

Я сам ружжо не стреляю, ибо не умею и ваще обрез помпы рулит нехуй, но за товарищей в оупене "рад". С ужосом жду похожих извратов с карабином и пестиком. В общем, Купер оставил нам прикладной вид спорта, политкорректные пидарасы бюрократы от спорта превращают его в сраный биатлон. :(
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